We know it’s hard to believe that the vast sounds of Native Eloquence can all come from just one person—so we’re giving you the proof. With meticulous ease, Native Eloquence’s Adam Hirsch crafts a musical world that transcends categorization. Tranquil guitar, ear-bending saxophone loops, and reverberating beats left no corner of the Top Tomato studio untouched. Please watch and enjoy some fresh, unreleased selections of Native Eloquence’s creation. And if you walk away from this viewing with an inexplicable desire to create a world of your own—don’t worry. Native Eloquence is here to inspire.   

Multi-Instrumentalist Adam Hirsch, one of the foundational members of the Stereocure family, arrives as a Stereocure artist with this self-titled EP. Weaving dense sonic tapestries from disparate influences, Hirsch brings to bear a background in jazz, a keen ear for beats, and a native honesty. These songs have a true lyricist at their core: “Time on my hands and I can’t wash it off”, he sings, and time is a major theme on this record. Hirsch juxtaposes this preoccupation with time’s passing against the echoing dreaminess of the production, and these contrasts are ultimately what make this record so inviting. Adam is an expert at balancing diverse impulses and creating space for the listener in between. When he played his first Stereocure concert, we projected the documentary series Planet Earth in the background. It made sense. He’s a whole ecosystem. We are proud to present Native Eloquence.

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