Stereocure is a collective of musicians, writers, and artists dedicated to a vision of contemporary music culture that is inspired by a progressive and creative spirit. We are part music blog and part digital record label. The Stereocure collective was founded by a group of childhood friends from Los Angeles, California who have developed a network of like-minded collaborators including musicians, bloggers, writers, visual artists, and managers that spans from the west to the east coast.

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Content Editor: Jordan Alper (jordan@stereocure.com)

Writing Coordinator: Adam Hirsch (adam@stereocure.com)

Press/Outreach: Gabe Kanengiser (gabe@stereocure.com)

Video/Art Coordinator: Myles Emmons (myles@stereocure.com)

Staff Writers: Sam Alper, Faith Harding, Gabriel Ross

Consulting: Andrew Monks (web), Tom Kearney (audio)


Smoke Don’t Smoke

Belgian Man Records

Miscreant Records

6-Bit Collective

Art House Live


Chill Mega Chill

Proximal Records



Search & Restore

Ten Million Sounds

The Fly By Night

Rest Assured

Stadiums and Shrines